I was born in The Netherlands and since I was young I have been sewing. I picked this up from my mum who would make our "Carnaval" costumes every year. As I older I would make my own with some help and eventually I made it all by myself.

I thought about becoming a fashion designer at the age of 11/12, however I never followed this dream as I did not want to stand out from the rest in being different. During high school I discovered my love for musical theatre. I loved the way a show could just take me away from the real world for about 2,5 hours and let me feel things I had never felt before. That really changed my life.
After high school I studied Hospitality Management. I ended up working in the hotel at Schiphol Airport, in Amsterdam where I did my final internship. With my move to the big city I started to work as an extra, model and actor in my spare time. That was great fun. I discovered more and more of the behind the scenes world, which always took my interest just as much or maybe even more than what you see on stage or the final film. Usually I had to bring my own clothing, however for a few parts I had to fit costumes and get my hair cut. The people were always really nice and passionate about their work. This inspired me to take theatre classes and I ended up in one of the oldest amateur theatre groups in Amsterdam, DOSTO.

After my move to London, I had a look at Musical Theatre courses. I never thought I would be able to sing and dance, but City Academy has changed my life. It was such an amazing group of people and we could all let our creativity flow. We had to source our own costumes and I usually do not like store bought costumes, therefore I invested in a sewing machine and started creating costumes again. The first piece I made was a priest robe for my role as Ed Parsley in Witches of Eastwick 2013. After that I started making more costumes, also for other actors. For Sleeping Beauty in 2015 I stepped back from acting and designed all costumes in the show. Together with a small team I created all costumes. It was incredible hard work, next to my full time job. But when I saw it all finished on stage, it was a dream come true.

Even though I told myself I would not create that many costumes in a short time again. However soon I was cast as Rapunzel’s Prince in Into The Woods and I was at it again for costumes. I designed and made most of it, with some help. By this time I had started my application to Wimbledon College of the Arts, University of the Arts London. Not long after the show was done, I found out I got a spot on the Costume Interpretation course for Theatre & Screen. Dream come true!

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